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Standard Search

You will find a standard search box on every page (including the home page). Just type what you are looking for and hit the 'Search' button. You can type some words (keywords) or just a simple question that you think should the related to the results you expect WebMenu to produce.

If 'Live Search Mode' is on, you will see your search box expanded with the list of sources that will be used to find the results. You can (optionally) choose the sources and search using these sources only. Details of Live Search is here.

If 'Lite' version is on, you will find the 'search-box' at the bottom of the result pages where you can modify your keywords and make a new search. More on Lite Version is available here.

You can use complex queries like Boolean Connectors in the standard search box. It understands all popular boolean connectors.
If you are not comfortable with boolean connectors but still need to make a complex search, use the Advanced Search interface. It will form the boolean connectors for you.

WebMenu offers a diverse range of search options: general web search, searching by country or content channel: images/photos/, mp3/music, jobs, auctions, forums/discussions, kids sites, shopping, files/ftp, news and more. You will see them all listed in the search-box. Feel free to use any content channel.

Standard Search box usually includes only a limited number of options to search in a specific country. Use the 'Advanced Search' for all available country-search options. Advanced Search is only 1 click away from any page.

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