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Search Methods

WebMenu is a 3-in-1 metasearch engine and processes the results in 3 different ways:

1. Clustering Search - results are analyzed, sorted, ranked and organized in a hierarchy of conceptually meaningful folders (clusters). This process is also known as auto-categorization. It does not require any pre-categorization or human interaction. Entire process takes place on-the-fly and entirely managed by our proprietory clustering and categorization algorithm.

2. Combined (Blended) Search - results from all sources are combined together, sorted, ranked and shown.

3. Per-Engine (Split) Search - results from each sources are shown separately with option to view them anyway you want.

You can use any of these 3 search methods interchangeably. With just a single click you can switch between them.
(See the option link highlighted in the snapshot below; near the top-right corner of the window)
 Switching between Blended/Combined and Per-Engine/Split Search Results


1. Clustering Search
 Clustering Search Results

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2. Combined (Blended) Search
 Blended/Combined Search Results

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3. Per-Engine (Split Search)
 Per-Engine Search Results

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