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Toolbar/IE Upgrade
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Toolbar/IE Upgrade
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Search and communicate with WebMenu's Anonymous Telephone Browser for MS Windows Only.

Name: Browser
Publisher: WebMenu Inc
The following prerequisites are required:
If these components are already installed, you can launch the application now. Otherwise, click the button below to install the prerequisites and run the application.


Access the Internet, search and communicate with WebMenu's Toolbar for Free.

toolbar powered by Conduit

Our Toolbars are available for WebMenu IE, FireFox and Safari users and offers great benefits:

  1. Search 15 search engines at one time or individually (Google, MSN, Yahoo, Fast, Hotbot, Altavista etc.).
  2. Cluster your search and receive TOP relevant results.
  3. Start using the most advanced 3-in-1 clustering search engine (Cluster Search, Blended Search and Split Search).
  4. Top News Stories as the happen from across the world
  5. Chat using our VoIP Audio and Video Webmessenger for Free without downloading any software. WebMenu's Webchat is truly the next step in business chat software - beyond generic and ubiquitous chatrooms, WebMenu's Webchat is a feature-rich, multi-lingual, solidly - built real-time streaming audio/video and text messaging communication solution for any Web site. Webchat enables businesses to rapidly deploy a scalable, centrally-hosted audio/video chat room for their customers and prospects.
  6. Deployed internationally on sites ranging from online dating to social networks to blogs, This dynamic application reaches millions of users in more than fifteen countries. It dramatically increases online interaction and improves guest-to-member conversion. Recent Clients include:

  7. E-mail checker and links to AOL mail, Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo Mail and WebMenu Mail
  8. Keyword Navigation for convenient Web searching and clustered results.
  9. Uninstaller
  10. Updates real-time


Update your Internet Explorer (IE) browser now! So you can start using the most advanced 3-in-1 clustering search engine.

  1. Free dotless domain navigation from the address bar
  2. Keyword navigation, fast reliable and dependable
  3. The most relevant searches from your address bar
  4. No spyware
  5. Easy to update
  6. Easy to uninstall
  7. Patent Pending Technology

IE Protector Uninstall instructions:

Open an Internet Explorer (IE) Browser:
Click on Tools/Internet Options/Advanced Tab
Make sure that Enable third-party browsers extensions is not checked.
Close all IE browsers
Click Start/Control Panel/Add and Remove Programs
Find and click IE Protector and uninstall the program
Close Add and Remove Programs
Reboot your PC

You're done!


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