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Customization Help
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Customization Help

You can customize your WebMenu.com exactly the way you want it to be. Set your own color, font, text size and how the results should look like and much more. Making changes could not be easier: just click on the menu-bar button (at the top of window) and change.

This is how a Menu-Bar looks like on top of the page. Note, that this is part of the HTML page, not a browser toolbar or extension. The links/buttons on it are just plain HTML links.
 Top Menu Bar
1 - Interface Language Menu
2 - Result Listing Menu
3 - Look & Appearance Menu
4 - Help Button

A search engine with memory - It will remember* your changes.

For further details and examples choose any link from the left.

* - If you have cookie enabled, your customizations will be preserved and next time you visit WebMenu .com they will take effect automatically. If you do not have cookie enabled in your browser, these customizations will be lost as soon as you close your browser.

Our search engine issues a harmless cookie to help remember your settings. It is not used to track any other details that may identify you. We do not control (or analyze or use) these cookie settings (issued by webmenu.com) for any other purposes.


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