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Webchat is truly the next step in business chat software - beyond generic and ubiquitous chatrooms, WebMenu's Webchat is a feature-rich, multi-lingual, solidly - built real-time streaming audio/video and text messaging communication solution for any Web site. Webchat enables businesses to rapidly deploy a scalable, centrally-hosted audio/video chat room for their customers and prospects. Ask about our Free version and our Custom Webchat service.

Deployed internationally on sites ranging from online dating to social networks to blogs, This dynamic application reaches millions of users in more than fifteen countries. It dramatically increases online interaction and improves guest-to-member conversion. Recent Clients include:

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Access the Internet, search and communicate with the Webmenu.com Toolbar for Free.

Our Toolbar is available to Windows users and offers great benefits:

  • Instantly connect to sites you visit frequently.
  • Communicate with our Audio/Video Webmessenger for Free with anyone that selects the Toolbar.
  • Send and receive email from anywhere you connect to the Internet


Update your Internet Explorer (IE) browser now! So you can start using the most advanced 3-in-1 clustering search engine.

  1. Free dotless domain navigation from the address bar
  2. Keyword navigation, fast reliable and dependable
  3. The most relevant searches from your address bar
  4. No spyware
  5. Easy to update
  6. Easy to uninstall
  7. Patent Pending Technology

IE Protector Uninstall instructions:

Open an Internet Explorer (IE) Browser:
Click on Tools/Internet Options/Advanced Tab
Make sure that Enable third-party browsers extensions is not checked.
Close all IE browsers
Click Start/Control Panel/Add and Remove Programs
Find and click IE Protector and uninstall the program
Close Add and Remove Programs
Reboot your PC

You're done!


Webmenu provides businesses multiple options to add search functionality to their Web sites. Web site owners can offer their visitors the convenience of searching the Web directly from their sites. Webmenu search tools also benefit Web site owners by increasing the popularity of their Natural Search Listing on the major search engines. Site Search Products and Linking options include:

  • Site Search Boxes - Search Tab, Search Block and Search Box.
  • Advances Site Search - Custom Search Block, Custom Search Bar and Dynamic Search.
  • Text Links - Webmenu Text Links.

Webmenu's Site Search and Links are all FREE!

Ezic Gateway Payment Services

Ezic’s Internet Payment Platform solution provides all merchants with the capability to do business over the Internet. The service is a highly scalable Internet Payment platform that is rapidly and easily integrated with existing business applications to create a one-stop solution that enabled merchants to accept and process card transactions (credit, debit, stored value, gift) and electronic checks over the Internet.

Custom IFRAME Advertising Services

Custom IFRAME ads can substantially increase the number of visitors choosing to visit your Web site over the competition. Custom IFRAME ads are developed using your company’s branding, special promotions and strong consumer messages. Custom IFRAMES ads can include Audio/Video, Flash movies and custom search functionality. Hosting and Web visitor traffic measurement for IFRAME ads is available.

WebMenu Advertising

Webmenu advertising solutions connect businesses with consumers at the exact moment they are searching for information, products and services. There are 3 highly-targeted advertising solutions to choose from:

  • IFRAME advertisements are simply the best creative units in the marketplace because of their placement and size.
  • TOPS 5 advertisements are randomly rotated listings displayed in the top 5 sponsored text positions providing outstanding campaign results.
  • Webmenu PPC puts advertisers in control - creating their own ads, selecting keywords that target customers for their products and services and only paying when someone clicks on them.


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