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WebMenu's New Free Click-To-Call Service

On-line consumers rely on the web for an increasing array of activities from shopping, loans, real estate, medical, entertainment, applying for credit cards, to booking hotel rooms and buying cars and much more.

80% of all phone numbers are found on the web not the yellow pages

As product and service purchases become more complicated, and transaction sizes increase, customers are demanding personal and customized online experiences. In an online world filled with choices, brand loyalty has become increasingly difficult to capture.

These customers are not only more valuable, but more costly to lose. Therefore, servicing them effectively has never been more important. Successful companies engage customers proactively based on their individual sales and support needs to minimize abandonment, maximize sales conversions and up sell.

What is Click-To-Call?

We all have been to the local mall, and visited numerous stores. Most of the time while looking at items in a store you are greeted by a sales clerk who asks you "May I help you find what you are looking for today?" or a simple "Can I help you?" Sales clerks minimize abandonment, maximize sales conversions and up sell.

Take the same scenario on-line. You arrive at a web site to browse for new designer shoes and find that you're having trouble finding the items. Simply click the Free Click-To-Call link and follow the instructions. You are instantly connected to the business to get the help you need. This helps reduce web site abandonment while maximizing sales conversions and creates the opportunity to up sell.

To experience WebMenu's Free Click-To-Call in action, please click one of the terms
below. The first natural result has the Free Click-To-Call link. We welcome
you to try out the service.

In our search we have found the following companies that have completed case studies utilizing Click-to-Call services. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Please click a company logo below to view the study.


As you can see some of the world’s most trusted brands rely on Click-to-Call. WebMenu now provides its advertisers and the advertiser's potential customers Click-to-Call for an instant contact solution that yields a number of benefits including:

Increased Online Sales Conversion

Increase Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Reduced Web site Abandonment

Improved Customer Loyalty

Improve Customer Service

Maximize ROI: WebMenu's Advertiser can maximize their Return On Investment (ROI) while offering consumers the best communication solution, WebMenu's Free Click-To-Call service. For complex, high-value transactions, analysts and customer surveys have shown consumers have an overwhelming preference for the telephone, while routine tasks like learning how to reset a password or finding self-help documentation are best handled on-line; WebMenu's Free Click-To-Call delivers an instant phone call at no charge to the consumer.

Increase Online Sales Conversions: For most enterprises, online sales conversion is the weakest link in the sales process. Overall conversion rates for turning Web site browsers into buyers hover around 5% across industries. Even a modest 0.5% gain in sales conversion rates can lift online sales by 10% and profits exponentially.

The challenge for online sellers is maintaining share of mind, and ultimately share of wallet with every browser that comes to the Web site. Knowing that consumers look for brands they trust, whether on the web or in a physical storefront, WebMenu's Free Click-to-Call service helps Advertisers to extend their sales and convert browsers to buyers.

By offering a seamless transition between the store web site and live person phone call placed by simply using the Free Click-to-Call, you are now engaging customers proactively, WebMenu delivers more qualified leads, and subsequently drives higher sales conversion rates than traditional contact methods, such as email or conventional phone calls.

Leading companies across several industries – including retail, travel, real estate, and financial services -- are leveraging WebMenu's solutions to increase online sales conversion by as much as 100% compared to standard inbound calls.

Customers agree, WebMenu's Free Click-to-Call solution is ideal for boosting online revenue to:

Increase purchase potential: Compared with other inbound communication services, companies using Click-to-Call report significantly higher close rates. Continental Airlines reported that Click-to-Call interactions are twice as likely to result in flight bookings compared to other inbound calls handled by reservation agents.

Provide preferred channel: The reach of the internet has not displaced the ubiquity and personal nature of the telephone for completing transactions. According to one analyst report, 73% of consumers who have used phone-based customer service said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the service, while only 49% of FAQ users and 53% of site search users said the same.

Alleviate security concerns: Up to one third of Web shoppers are still reluctant to provide credit card numbers online. Click-to-Call has been proven to increase sales at the "moment of truth", when an online customer is asked for credit card information, by providing the opportunity for a sales agent to collect the information by phone.

Reduce Web site Abandonment: Can you imagine a store where six of every 10 customers walk out without having a sales representative first ask if they needed assistance? It wouldn't be long before that store went out of business. Unfortunately, this level of abandonment is common for Internet retailers. Recent surveys of e-marketers cite nearly 60% of online shoppers abandon before completing a transaction.

Reasons for abandonment differ. Some customers prefer not to provide financial information online; others have questions about specific items or store policies. At the crucial decision-making moment that defines the shopper as a browser or a buyer, the company's ability to provide the most appropriate communication service to deal with the consumer’s concerns could make the difference.

Using Click-to-Call combined with business rules (such as shopping cart value, time spent on a particular page, etc.) and real-time analytics, companies can identify patterns and determine which customers are most likely to abandon. Organizations can then proactively engage the shopper in a dialogue - via voice - where an agent can help the consumer complete the transaction.

WebMenu has seen customer results showing that offering the right contact, at the right time, can reduce shopping cart abandonment by as much as 30%.

Improve Customer Service: Standard phone calls cause a disruptive gap in the customer experience because customers are forced to abandon their Web sessions and start all over again with a call center agent. The ability to smoothly transition customers from a Web session to a live phone call is one of the most crucial benefits of WebMenu's Free

WebMenu's Free Click-to-Call FAQ
  1. What is WebMenu Free Click-to-Call feature? How does it work?
  2. WebMenu has added several new features that lets you speak directly over the phone, for free, to businesses you find on WebMenu's TOP 5 Search results. When this feature is available for a business, you'll see a link in WebMenu's TOP 5 results "Free Click-to-Call" next to the advertisers title.

    Here's how it works: Click the Free Click-to-Call link, you'll be invited to enter your phone number into a special field and then click Call Now!, WebMenu will call your number almost immediately. Pick up, and you'll hear ringing on the other end as WebMenu connects you to the business you selected. When they answer, you simply talk normally as you would with any other call.

  3. Who will get my phone number?
  4. When you enter a number, WebMenu uses it just once: to make the automatic connection between you and the business. Your number is blocked so that the business can't see it. WebMenu doesn't share your number with the business, and we won't use the number to make any other calls to you. In addition, your information will be deleted from our servers after a period necessary to operate the service. We take your privacy very seriously. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

  5. Whose caller ID do I see when connected?
  6. The phone number of the business you selected will appear on your caller ID when WebMenu connects you. This way, you can save the number for future call-backs.

  7. Am I charged for the connection?
  8. No. WebMenu pays the bill for all calls, both local and long-distance. However, if you give us a mobile phone number, your normal airtime fees or other fees charged by your provider for the call may apply.

  9. What if someone enters my phone number instead of theirs as a prank call?
  10. WebMenu takes fraud and spamming very seriously. We use technical methods to prevent future prank calls from the same user within a reasonable period of time. You won't be charged for any such calls. Please contact click2call@webmenu.com if you believe someone is entering your phone number without your permission or knowledge.

  11. As an advertiser can I add WebMenu's Click-to-Call link to my web site?
  12. Yes, for information on how, please contact WebMenu via Free Click-to-Call or dial 800-605-3791.

    The above company logos, Jenny Craig, Continental Airlines and AutobyTel are registered trademarks of the corresponding company. Please understand that in no way does WebMenu, Inc imply an endorsement from the for mentioned companies

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